Sunday, July 22, 2007

Knitting Store

I went to Santa Monica a few weeks ago, and had so much fun at a "new" shop called WILDFIBER! is an amazing store. They had a class going on in the back, and oodles of yarn in the front. I didn't take a photo of the shop, but I loved all the yarns and the displays they had! You can see photos of the store on their website...

Tori sat on one of the comfy sofas that they have in a little U shape area, and you're surrounded by yarns, and books and magazines, and needles and lots of retro bags!

You have to search for parking, because in Santa Monica, space is a premium! So, we found a metered parking spot along one street, and it was only a block away..not too bad. (we actually got lucky with it too!)
This is their business, it has a cool way to tell which needles you have already so you can store this in your WALLET!! I do have way too many, but...I don't like to buy the same ones over and over again, which I tend to do..sometime later, (ooh, maybe today!) I will take a picture of all the needles I have...and if I get brave...some of my yarn! (that's scary! - I don't want to think of how much $ i have invested in it, but...oh I love the feeling and texture of yarn!)

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