Monday, August 13, 2007

Knitting a New pattern

Well, after my computer crashed from a virus or something..I have had to start all over again...not on my blog, but, on building up the data in my, I learned another lesson...don't forget to backup all the time, even if your computer is relatively NEW!

Tori and I went to Las Vegas, and before we left, I got some of the LION ORGANIC cotton yarn at Michaels...and found this nice pattern from BERNAT yarn...and started knitting this pattern. It is pretty, but I am having a learning disability with this one. I have knitted it about 4 times now, and find that I am making silly mistakes in not remember which row I am on, or which pattern I am doing...eek! I hope i have enough interest in it to finish it because it is knitting up nicely.

However...I got sick...can you get sick from your computer's virus???? lol

anyways..I think it is probably heat exhaustion or dehydration! I don' t think I have had it, but I am sure drinking alot of water and gatorade like stuff now!

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