Monday, April 28, 2008

Inside LisCat

LisCat opened up in March, but this is my second day going to the shop (since FRIDAY....April 25)...!!! It is a flurry of bright colors, shelves filled with bright lovely shades of yarn and bright purses, bags and more goodies! The Chairs have knitted covers on top, in bright colors of yarn which add to the coziness of the shop! It greets you with so much warmth and comfort that you want to sit and knit! This is the main table in the center of the shop, and to the left of the store in the 'back' area, there are couches for knitting, looking through magazines, and even sneaking lunch!

I didn't want to take a picture of it since there were 2 ladies eating back

Below is my yarn...yes, it is knitted. It is from a company called FLAT FEET which I had a link in the blog post earlier....It is knitted and then dyed...and you unravel it to knit whatever you like!

I am making an attempt at knitting I came to the store already in this condition. I was ready to start the heel. I thought I might as well get to the point where I didn't know where to go....I had a pattern, but I got another one, and I think it is easier. I am making anklets, so with this 'skein', I should be able to make 2 pairs....isn't that cool? Karen and I might trade off so I can have a pair of my yarn, and one of hers too......

I came in with this much, and worked the back of the heel. (I didn't take a photo yet). After I got to the end of the heel, I now need to go back to the shop to get more instructions. I have to pick up the sides of the heel and then read the pattern....(I did it at home, but ....gee..without someone to really show you how to go from that do you learn??)

This is Karen's piece, and she's always wearing Pink..(almost always..) so it fits that she would have socks to match it!

Busy working in the shop, can see how lovely the chairs are, and the bright array of colors...

Karen's piece after our first class ....

Closer up....below

Go Visit the shop!!
It also has a Seamstress in it, as well as a Flower shop!
and don't forget about the Used Book shop across the street...!

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