Sunday, June 15, 2008

See? I really knit!

My friend Karen and I started to make socks. I don't know how far Karen is, but I am almost at the toe..I think for my first sock I am doing 'ok'. Well, it is ok for me...I think once I get the hang of it, I can do it quicker. I have to go back in and get 'lessons' for the toe. And then start the other side..unless I can find a friend with only 1 foot...

I love the details of the colors in the yarn, and I do want to get more of this lovely Happy Feet.

This is another project I am doing. I found that I needed to have a small 'something' to hold my cell phone and DL in, but not necessarily money. So, I am going to knit a small pouch, and then felt it. I had this Caron ball of yarn, of felting yarn. (SO, I don't have to use my more $$ yarn!)..can you see using a 20.00 ball of yarn from Wales when I can use this 4.00 ball to do the same thing??

this was done with a combination of yarns..can't remember what..but, they were from it was cheap...

no pattern involved, just knitted and made into a basket with a i cord handle and fun fur knitted into the top 3 rounds.

This was done using cheap cotton yarn from WALMART...made into a shrug and a hat (I ran out of the first dye lot, and had to get another one, but it was more paler). The hat was done with the paler yarn. It is cute though....! I think the color was called PINK LEMONADE

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