Monday, June 9, 2008

What a week...trials and tribulations

I have had a rain cloud over my head....I don't know why, but it makes me wonder what is going on..........From last week with my water heater to my daughter having a reaction to a shot she got at the Dr's and then having chest xrays...and now on medication to... this last Friday, the electricity went out of my house, but fortunately God (or someone) woke me up at 4 am to let me know that this was happening, otherwise I would've woken up late for work....

I went out in my shabby shirt, (pulled on pants) and zoris and went outside to check the breaker box with a tiny flashlight. I pulled all the breakers twice and then twice again, to no avail...only electricity in 1/2 of the house....I am getting frantic..thinking that this is some scary movie that the lady goes outside her house and gets attacked by "Freddy the 13th" ..or "Jason's Nightmare on 46th Street" or All I can think is that $$$ are going out the window when I get home from work...and I have to call an electrician....(and then my boss tells about some guy in our area who went under his house and got electrocuted, and the firemen had to make a huge hole in the floor to get him out, but he was dead --YEAH, like that REASSURES ME!!!)

Later, after getting back home from work, I find that all is well, electricity is working and the neighbor tells me that the transformer was only 1/2 out..hence, only 1/2 the homes had 1/2, I thought it was only me, but no, it was several of my neighbors...

Then, today, I go to my car to get to the doctor's appointment that I have, to find that I have a severely flat tire. FLAT...the good thing? Well, it could've been yesterday when we were in COMPTON/WATTS area for a basketball game (for those of you who don't know the area, it is gang territory, crack heads etc..., where you don't want to be at all in a desperate situation), I am thankful that I had an Angel watching over so that we didn't get a flat while we were there!

So....I guess I am happy that I can see the rainbow through my cloud...One of my Bible verses came to mind, and it was Hebrews 12: 2 to persevere and go beyond our sins, and run the race...Keeping my focus on Him....

The good thing is, I wasn't the person that got their truck towed away on our street today...Now, they really had a bad day!

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