Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well, This year's CHA was very nice! We saw scarves, but they had this cute shrug along with it that was incredibly cute! Of course, Vanna looked superb too!

It was fun although a guy working for Lion or whoever, was telling me I was "PROFESSIONAL" photographer, and I could't use my SLR to take photos. Maybe he thought I was a paparrazi...or something stalk-a-razi....HA! Well, it was fun....

I just got started on this shrug, and I love it, although the pattern is something I really have to concentrate on...(think think think)..it isn't something you can do if you have a headache or are tired..really!

I didn't get around to the other booths yet. CHA is organized differently, and there are also less Vendors. Since they just had the needlework show in San Diego, I think a lot of the other vendors figured it wasn't worth their time to come to CHA, and frankly I don't blame them. The economy isn't helping businesses....

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