Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Remembering- Summer of Twilight

Good to Be Girl

Amy has fun things posted on her blog, but I really had to laugh when I read this one. I loved her "dorks in forks" entry, and we all love Twilight! It is really something that us 'over 20's' and over 40's..and over 50's? and ....shall I go on? Well, we love the book Twilight. I read all the books in a weekend..during Labor Day 08. It was our last hurrah of the summer, and I took Tori to the beach...
Of course, I was there to watch Tori, but as I sat there and read the first book...I was also looking at the scenery...I did bring knitting too, but..I found that I was too interested in 'other things!'

I first found out about Twilight from patients who came in the office, who had the book. I had asked them what they were reading (they were in the first years of college, mind you)..and they said it was a Vampire book. Naw, I wasn't interested. Then this year, again, another patient came in with the book. Again, NO. Not interested.

I was on a plane to Salt Lake City, UT and the flight attendant was chatting with 2 passengers, a woman and her daughter (about 20). The woman had the book in her hand..again, that book! So, they were talking about a NEW book coming out, and they were going to a party and then to the bookstore to await the crowds....and the release of the NEW book. Ok, so I was eavesdropping!

I got the book while on my trip, but read about 2 chapters, and put it down. It wasn't interesting. It was high school, and how old am I?? Those days were over 30 something years ago! YIKES! I just had my 30th year reunion! Who am I kidding? But, while at the beach on Labor Day, I forced myself to bring the book, and read it. AND read it I did..I barely remember who was there, and what I saw. Good thing I had my camera...I did take a quite a bit of photos. At least I did get a few of Tori. (and a few shots of other surfers too..hey, I am not dead!) So, get over the first 2 chapters...and read'll love it!

On November 21st, we saw the movie. I didn't like it. I was very disappointed. In fact, I hated it. But, I had tickets to see it the next day with Tori, so...we went to see it. She loved it. I thought it was much better. We saw it 2 more times, and after that, I REALLY LOVED it! So, for those of you who are always disappointed in translations of books into movies...GET OVER IT! It won't be the same as the book, but I think this movie was done quite well, and I love it. We'll be in line getting the DVD when it is released on March 21st! (with all the giggling teenager girls- I might add!)

hmmmm, how did he get in my blog?

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