Saturday, May 16, 2009

Adventure Bag

Another project in the works....I started this the day before Tori's Birthday!

She wanted a larger bag, and felted. SO I hunted around for a cool pattern and found the Adventure bag. My friend Karen was also making one too, as she's in a class at ABYC (Alamitos Bay Yarn Company)

What a cool bag, but I stayed up last night til 3 am finishing off the bag, and putting the handle stitches on a holder. The handle stitches still need to be knitted, and then a D ring or large O ring added. I also should either put it in a zipper pillow case, or a lingerie bag. I don't know if I have one large enough for this. This is HUGE...see my dog can fit inside this!

So far, the height is 18" not including the base of the bag. I really am "itchin" to felt it but I have to be patient and wait until I do the loops....

So far, it is SUKI approved!

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