Monday, September 20, 2010

Blue Sky Alpaca - Cardigan

I love Berroco Comfort Yarn. It feels so nice. I probably would like the Blue Sky Alpaca, but this feels like a California garment, since we don't need woolies or even Alpaca. (cottons)

I thought I would update you on my cardigan..I really have done almost all of it, but last year, I got tired of working on it, because I think I needed a mental break from it. It really was a fun pattern to knit. I need to finish the neck and then the front plackets for the buttons.

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SandraD. said...

Lovely cardi! I must go to ravelry and favorite that.
Cute kitty!
Sandra D./yarnivore and hestiasfire on ravelry.

Favorites on Etsy - not made by me, but you gotta check it out!!!