Friday, September 10, 2010

Knitting Books on my Wish List!

I have a few books on my wish list...(there are more than these, but I love collecting books.) BARNES and Noble

I promise LORD that I will not be overrun with books, and have a hoarding problem with books. (I might have a hoarding problem with yarn, but that's another story)

I saw this book and it has some wonderful ideas for making a sweater all your own. I like some of the sleeve details and some of the collar details, and to be able to put all of those things together to make a sweater all your own...well this is the book!

This book had some awesome sock ideas and patterns!

This was not knitting but stitchery,and I LOVE MARY ENGELBREIT!

So everything Mary is always fun. I loved the owls too...

Owls are in everywhere!

And...lastly...but not last on my list, is this book of Amigurumi.

I saw some other books that had food amigurumi, but this one is really cute. Mochimochi is cute little snack like shapes that if they were made of mochi (sweet rice cakes) they would definitely be too cute to eat! So, made of yarn are cute little figures that would be idea to keep (and keep the buggies away)

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