Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Leaf Top

My newest project which is supposed to be a quickie top, is taking forever...with a pinched nerve in my neck and now being sick..I just don't have the energy to finish it, but I will..eventually...I think my attention span is about 2 months...ha!

This yarn is Cottonease by lion brand yarn, cheapie yarn but the knit is easy and the pattern is fun. I like the pattern stitch, and I think I will do a top completely in a pattern next time. I think the lacier patterns interest me more.....

but so far, it is going well. I am going to make the sleeves longer, and possibly have a crochet trim at the edges, and maybe also at the hem...we'll see...so far, it is way to short - I need about another 12"...so it is good I have 4 skeins. So far, I have just started the 3rd skein...

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