Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Never on Tuesday!

Never on Tuesday!  er...Tuesday Morning that is!  I went ..and I saw...and I ...bought!
OOOH NO!  I don't need more yarn but this was really calling to me.
I love the wool yarn, by Aslan TRENDS - Del Sur, 5 skeins of BRIGHT ORANGE YARN!
How pretty this is even if ORANGE is NOT my color!

 I also saw this varigated pink yarn by Aslantrends called BARILOCHE. it is so pretty pink and I just LOVE IT!
 Louisa Harding has this lovely seafoam green yarn that has silvery flecks in it, there were 4 skeins of this!!!  :) purty!
 I also found 1 sk of this..not sure what to do with it, but...I like cotton and this is Pima Cotton by Aslantrends (pima clasico)
This time, I found the best find of all!
I love them!  I know they were the most expensive of all of the items I bought but these were definitely worth it!
These knitting needles were for 1.00 each set!  (and a lavendar purse strap that was .79)
what a bargain!

I Love Tuesday Morning..but I really don't need to go there.

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