Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Alamitos Bay

So, today is Mother's Day and I'm spending it with my favorite person...Tori!  We decided to go see Iron Man 3 and while we got there too late for one showing, we arrived early for the second showing..3D...not especially great but it was fun none the less.  Since we had time, I coerced her into letting me go to Alamitos Bay Yarn Shop, which is only about 5 minutes away...(by car) and so while browsing around, i saw this scarf...  OOOH!
Not a great photo.  Too much back light.
But it is really beautiful. 

 I also picked up some yarn...since if you buy this yarn by Baa Yarn, you get the pattern I indulged myself by buying 2 skeins...yum!  This one is called Grape Vine
This one is called Brazilian Emerald
OOH, right??

now, since I have to really work hard at making my daughter happy (she's mad at me) ....I wanted to make her a cowl or scarf or something...she wants a hair band from this Noro Iro.  Pretty and I get the knit with some sweet yarn!  heh heh!
Now we got to spend time together, and have dinner with Rod, and have a boba too before Tori went back to school....

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