Monday, October 28, 2013

taking my tools with me!

I was working on a crochet project, and I always try to have something all the time.  Mostly knitting but this time, something new.  I was learning the crocodile stitch. I watched a video on of Mikey.  I found his tutorial easy to follow and was able to start my own project...

One of the things I wanted to share is that I always find tools to help make my projects easier...
My boyfriend laughs at me sometimes.  I think because one of my "tools" I use, is my TOES!
yes, toes. I will use my toes to help guide the yarn so I don't get it tangled up!  It sure makes it easier than to have my ball in a bag, and then have it pull out and get mixed up and all over the with dogs and cats, who love to find my stuff...they will find this funny to chase the ball all over the room!
So, with my pedicured toes....I guide my yarn!

Happy knitting (or crochet-ing!)


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