Sunday, December 1, 2013

Making a needle holder for me!

Short needle holder
 Making my own needle holder - sewing on vinyl.  It's easy however you just have to take your time. I am not using a teflon foot, but just my regular sewing foot.  I am adding the bias tape to the top edge of the pocket to hold the needles
 Using a stabilo pencil which rubs off, I drew lines on the vinyl to mark where I'm going to sew for the needles
 Bias tape extra wide double fold. It comes in many different colors. I chose black.
 Getting ready to assemble all the pieces.  There is a top flap that folds over.  I copied this design from Ashland Sky, which I have several of their needle holders but I didn't want to spend the $$. However, I bought enough to make several so maybe it would've been better just to buy it.. yikes (they were out of the style that I wanted anyways, so this is my justification for spending$$)
My finished roll. (a bit long. I might cut it down.) or...maybe make another one! I need to get more bias tape. I used almost 2 full packages of bias tape!

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