Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11th..American remembers

Still working on this,...I did finish one side, after taking it out over 4 times..I think this finally made it after 5 tries...the other side is still proving to be difficult, although I put the markers on first, and it is easier...

i think so far, I have only done a few rows more than once..but, I have to keep checking!!!

This is the lacy lower '1/2' of the sweater, and then the top is a knit row, with every 5th stitch is a slip stitch. That's what gives it that embellished column.

You can see it here....

Today is Patriot's Day. September 11th. 6 years after the date of the Twin Towers coming down. It was the worst day in history, and yet, so many things have changed...we all have changed.....

Stitch...is he laughing?

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