Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stitch n Pitch and other things....

This is Nini or NamiNori (surfer girl). My cross eyed black faced booger...she's an sweet tub of cat...she outweighs Stitch, my Bubba boy...she's a tub of fat kat!

OH, and she's the one that will grab a ball of yarn and proceed to RE-Decorate ANY room with lovely shades of expensive (or inexpensive) yarn...she loves to drag it all over the house, and ...hmmmm......where is she now???

One of these days, of these days...!!!

Stitch n Pitch is coming up....and of course, wouldn't you know it...when I decide to finally post about it, ...the WEBSITE IS DOWN!!

but, I did find some great blogs..and this one is the funniest!

I love her entry that she's divorced and 4 cats...isn't that my life too? (except, I have 2 dogs right now...anyone want a wonderful red Golden Retriever?) yellow Golden is my stupid dog, so you can't have him, but the female is available! lol.....

I think I might just have to go this year! Wouldn't it be fun to go and sit and knit, eat Dodger Dogs, and of course, watch Dodger Baseball...!!! Too bad they don't do it for the Angels....!

as soon as the stitch n pitch site is available, I can post more about that!!!

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Mary R. said...

Stitch is great but i'll stay with my stamping eheheh. Your, blog is great Dianne I really need your help on mine ....I know your busy and myleg is still killing me and it keeps swellingUP bad and boy Karen looks great!!! and you take care .....

Mary Redford

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