Friday, October 10, 2008

Victoria's Secret

don't these 2 sweaters look beautiful?
Well, I don't have the patterns, but if you do, give me a holler!! them!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bureau of Missing Socks

Knitting socks

wwwwell...this is like missing the other side, except I do know where the other side is....

it hasn't been knitted yet. side is done!

I found this website

it is called The Bureau of Missing Socks

The Bureau of Missing Socks is the first organization solely devoted to solving the question of what happens to missing single socks. It explores all aspects of the phenomena including the occult, conspiracy theories, and extraterrestrial.
We offer support for the matching sock deprived, and catalog, research, index and document all extant material related to socks since the dawn of the shoe. Our audio visual department is the largest multi media center in Hollywood and several sock themed feature films, television shows, and interactive CDs are in development.
We are entirely funded by your tax dollars expedited by matching cuts in the defense, welfare, and education budgets.

We've all been victims of this heinous societal menace, the disappearing sock. Now there's help, not only to aid in locating your missing footwear, but also in computer mating your single sock with some other poor, lonely single sock. Touching, and it's all done without Chuck Woolery.
You can even enter a sock pyramid scheme, promising 150,000 single socks delivered to your mailbox in only 30 days!
"Thrill yourself with tales of hot passion, intrigue, and violence involving the mysterious disappearance of single socks," from Socks, Incorporated.*

Favorites on Etsy - not made by me, but you gotta check it out!!!