Sunday, January 25, 2009


I saw this at one of the movie stores...Suncoast? (in their display window) and the tote bag with the that is one I want...I don't want it to be obviously TWILIGHT, but in the window, with Bella standing next to looked surreal. So, I snapped a picture with my iPhone.

I have been knitting some, but all UFO's. I don't have a lot of inspiration right now. I have been busy, stamping and all the other creative stuff, along with working. I still have to finish Tori's Hoodie. She keeps buggin' me about it...

Today, I am going to CHA. Going to check out the new stuff. (OH, and we might see PARIS HILTON! GASP!!) I am giddy with excitement and so is TORI...can't you just see the two of us with our cameras, and pink boa pens, with a autograph book!

****snicker snicker!!****

But, as a faithful follower of Paris Hilton, I will do my best to take a nice photo of her (if they let us) and then also post it here. I think she's promoting a new line of craft products, which, I have to say is much better than her exploits in the Beverly Hills/Hoooollywood scene....! So, if Paris has straightened up her act then, let's rally behind, maybe not directly behind her....

you know what i mean...sigh....


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