Friday, June 19, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Knitting is Better than Therapy

Top Ten Reasons Knitting is Better than Therapy (by Knitpurlgirl)

10.) Yarn doesn’t nod and ask you how you feel about that.
9.) You don’t have to work through your issues.. you can just poke things with pointy sticks
8.) You can get more than one hour of yarn therapy for that $150
7.) You don’t blame your mother for all of your knitting mistakes
6.) It is perfectly acceptable to conduct your yarn therapy at Starbucks.. psychotherapy, not so much
5.) The only shock therapy you endure is with wool, metal needles, and a fast hand
4.) The only chemicals you put into your body are tea , coffee , martinis, or chocolate.. and you can take them DURING therapy
3.) Your insurance premiums won’t increase
2.) You can enjoy yarn therapy on vacation; in your jammies; in bed; on the train/bus/subway; in the park; or at work (secretly).
1.) You can’t fondle your therapist

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

World WIde Knit in Public Day

Join Us for “World Wide Knit In Public Day”
and Our Annual Charity Marathon
Sat, June 13 10:00 - 5:30
We will gather in the plaza at the end of our building, next to Eclipse Cafe.
Speed Knit (1:00) and Crochet (2:00) Contests
Prizes for Participants and Donations
Selected Yarns on Sale !
Refreshment Discounts provided by Eclipse Cafe !
We Are Collecting Finished Items Ahead of Event for any or all:
Stitches from the Heart: Baby hats, sweaters, blankets; especially “boy” items
Breast Cancer Research: Chemo caps, pink scarves
Local Animal Shelters: "Blankies" for cats and small dogs
Veterans: Lap/wheelchair afghans or squares to be assembled

Bring Your Friends!

Stitches in TIME
Bellflower, CA

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Michael's NEW Yarn Dept

First of all, I have to apologize for the photos.
They are AWFUL! I know...but imagine this.....

You're hearing in the background the Mission Impossible beat..dut dut.. du du.. dut duh.. dut dut..duh duh........tweeedle dee.....

anyways, I felt like a spy that wasn't supposed to get caught taking photos..and sneaking the photos I

This is the NEW Yarn department at Michaels. Was I impressed??? I can't really say that I am. Did I buy something, well of course...I mean, I had a 40% off coupon...and I really wanted to try something!

This is the new Homespun yarn------>

I don't like Homespun because it usually unravels and I just outgrew it. It was fine when I first got started and wanted a cheap inexpensive yarn to play with, but I don't want to wear it any more...

Michaels has also expanded their organic Cotton yarns...Now that's something I can really enjoy. I do like cotton. In California, we really don't need wools. I love the feel of wools, but I don't wear any.

In fact when I was at CHA last year, they got some sweaters from the Thrift store and the woman washed and felted them...then she brought them to CHA and we made things with them after cutting them apart. It was really hard to just cut a felted sweater but after I got started, it was really fun cutting and creating something...

This is one of the new colors of the BERNAT Alpaca
Soft and green with a sheen to it.
This is the VANNA glimmer. It is a really pretty red, bright and cheery.

Bernat also has this new Soft Boucle. Not my favorite yarn by any means but the color really stood out!

Now, Red Heart which always reminds me of my grandmother who used to crochet afghans has some cool new yarns. They also had a cute shrug in one of the magazines for a baby which I want to download as well. This yarn sort of reminded me of autumn and sunsets.
Nature's choice (LION) has some interesting colors as well!
Patons PURE

Now this is the yarn that I really liked. It has a feel of Mission Falls, which is one of my favorite has several different solid colors and about 4 of these multi color skeins. I love the texture of this organic cotton...

In fact, I bought this one after buying the one below...this is a beautiful pinks, and red combination...

This is the first one I bought....

Making a ditty bag....

The bottom was knitted in a garter stitch, cast on 16 stitches and on size 7 needles until it was approx 3 1/2". Then I switched to double pointed needles, picking up 16 stitches on all sides

Knitting up the sides. I couldn't find a pattern/texture that would work with this few I settled on just knitting and then I did a row of eyelets. I am going to continue and do some other fun things as I go, so it might look terrible by the time I am done but this is just one of those practice things..hey, it might look ok....we'll see...

So, that's my tale for today....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Shopping at LisCat's....

Now, you may ask..what did I buy? I got 5 skeins of Cascade Sierra in a lovely shade of Rosey Rust color. What am I going to make? I don't know yet but I am getting better at doing texture and I like it will probably be something that has (and needs) concentration and attention!

Favorites on Etsy - not made by me, but you gotta check it out!!!