Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ariel -November 17, 1997 to November 29, 2009

Today is a sad day...we should be rejoicing since Christmas is so close, and Thanksgiving has just passed, but today, we lost our beloved cat Ariel. She has been such a blessing to us and protector to Tori when she was just 5. We got Ariel from a rescue group, in November 17, 1997. We found her in a cage and she was terrified. The noises from the entrance to the Vons market in Bixby Knolls was just too terrifying for her. She clung on to me but as time wore on and as I sat and talked to the lady, Ariel relaxed and fell asleep in my arms....I knew I was in trouble, but she was the joy of our lives.

I never thought I wanted a cat. But after my husband left us, my daughter asked for a cat since her dad didn't like cats. And Ariel was just perfect. Tori was 5 years old, and had just started Kindergarten. She was having trouble sleeping at night and although Ariel would like to sleep with me, she would sleep with Tori until she was asleep, and then quietly come to my bed. I had told Tori that Ariel would keep the monsters under the bed away from her, and protect her, and it almost seems like that's exactly what she did.

Always the lady, and always just perfect, always sitting close by without fringing on being a pest. She was the ultimate queen of cats, elegant and graceful.

As time went on, Ariel went to be called "mom". She always protected Tori when I was upset or yelling. She would quietly come to me, and put her feet up on my lap. If I didn't stop yelling she would slowly dig her nails into me and tell me to stop yelling. It always made Tori laugh because as soon as I said "ouch", she knew Ariel was on duty and telling me to be a better mom....

I will miss her....

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