Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Yarn to my stash

Now..I did go to another shop, called the KNOT GARDEN. I think at one time, it was called Knit One Purl One, but they changed their name....I got this Berroco pattern there, because they had the vest sample. It was knit in Vintage..which feels so yummy!
I purchased 3 skeins in a Denim blue. This is a yummy color, and although I wanted a more purple color, they didn't have it in that color. The also didn't have the green which is in the booklet....I didn't take photos of ths shop (I didn't think of it since I had the doggie in the car, and it was very hot - I did leave the windows open and there was lots of cool water in the car. She also had both windows open so she had a breeze going through....(don't crucify me!)

The Knot Garden is located at 17824 Chatsworth, Granada Hills, CA 91344 818-986-6642

YUMMY and it feels so soft. 217 yards, 200m VINTAGE is a acrylic, wool and nylon.

Now, this is the yarn I purchased at UNWIND (in Burbank) I loved the purpley color, and this is the same gauge as Vintage. I might make another vest (ha ha ha ha) if i love it in Vintage. I love Comfort. There is a lot of stability in this yarn......

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