Sunday, February 13, 2011

i [heart] BARGAINS!!!

I LOVE Bargains! I know I don't have much money but...if I find a bargain I JUMP at it!!! in Tuesday Morning today was a shOcK to find such a stash of yarns!!!

I was jumping in my private mind for JOY...and I had to retain and restrain myself from screaming at what I found at Tuesday MORNING!!! I LOVE these yarns! The Arucania yarn is just soooooo soft! It is Pomaire cotton yarn from Arucania, and I found 7 purple skeins and 1 Pomaire multi skein with Rust/Blue colors!

Of course there were lots of Andes and Talinay by Ester Bitran, from Chile....oooh oooh ooh....I spent only 84.00!!! For over 12 skeins of yarn which normally would've been over 180.00!!! YAHOOO!!!

But you can see, there is still a lot there at the store...I did save some for you!!! aaaahhhaaaaa! But I was feeling sad for the store that closed...I wonder who liquidated their inventory stash!?

There were lots of colors and skeins left!

If you want to know which store this was...send me a comment....and I will tell you...

also, I did purchase this today, Pre-Valentine's Day 2011

Favorites on Etsy - not made by me, but you gotta check it out!!!