Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Knittin Silly

Knitting at the Beach....Huntington Beach...US OPEN Surf Competition...the cute surfers were waaaay out in the ocean...so I'm glad I brought my knitting..it was more interesting (GRIN!)

A group I belong to, told this joke today...thought it was too funny because..yes..I have been knitting too (shhhhh)

A highway patrolman pulled alongside a speeding car on the freeway.
Glancing at the car, he was astounded to see that the blonde behind the wheel was knitting!

Realizing that she was oblivious to his flashing lights and siren, the trooper cranked down his window, turned on his bullhorn and yelled,


'NO!' the blonde yelled back,


Monday, August 22, 2011

Stitches from the Heart

“Stitches from the Heart” Tea Party Fundraiser
Saturday, Aug 27, 12:00-3:00
Bring your donations of handmade hats, sweaters, blankets ~ we will have a special drawing for participants!

We're having a REALLY BIG sale of donated yarn, and several of our regular yarns will be on sale as well!
We're also having a 50/50 drawing, and if you can't make it, we're also accepting monetary donations!
And let's not forget the refreshments!

Don’t Miss Out!
“Stitches from the Heart”Knit or crochet hats, sweaters or blankets for preemies and babies in need; drop off ahead of time or join the group led by Peggy Baxter from Stitches from the Heart; the Second Mon of each month, 10:00-12:00, here at Stitches In Time YarnStitches from the Heart also needs monetary donations; it costs about $10 for each box that is mailed to recipients!

STITCHES in TIME, Bellflower, CA

Spiral Knit Preemie Hat
Materials: DK weight yarn,
size 5 double pointed needles
Gauge: 22 sts = 4”

Size: preemie; for larger sizes, add stitches in groups of 4, or use worsted weight yarn and larger needles, and work longer before starting decreases

Cast on 49, slip sts from needle to needle until you have 16 sts on 2 needles and 17 sts on 1 needle; arrange in a triangle shape so you can work circularly.

1. (K 2, p 2) around until 1 st remains; this will become the first st of the next round. Place a marker in work to mark the beginning of the round.

Continue repeat ( to ) around and around; the pattern moves 1 stitch to the right on every round,Work until 3” from the beginning (5” for worsted weight yarn) or 4 rounds less than desired length to top of head.

When hat is long enough, stop near the end of the round having just completed “p 2”; move marker to this point.Decrease for Top:1. (K 2 tog, p 2) around, end with k last stitch.

2. (P 2 tog, k 1) around; 1 st will remain, move this stitch to next needle.3. (K 2 tog) to last 3 sts, k 3 tog.4. (P 2 tog) around; cut yarn and sew through remaining sts.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Travels up the Coast

For my birthday, I was taken by my daughter and my mom to Santa Barbara and Solvang area. I love the Central coast of California, and I love the weather, and the drive. Only a 2 hour drive from Los Angeles, and without traffic....it can be a nice get-away!

I have been wanting to go visit the knitting shops in Santa Barbara. It has been the elusive unicorn for me. Everytime I went to SB it was Monday, or a Holiday or...some other event going on like a parade, or fiesta...and so it was closed! BUT..this time, I was able to visit all the stores that I wanted to visit!


Loop & Leaf and Knit & Pearl Boutique were two shops I have been wanting to see. I love both of them, but if I had to choose a favorite, I guess it would be loop & leaf. I like the old house and the chairs under the tree. It is very serene... I will show you more photos later of the stores.

But, don't let me tell you that Knit & Pearl is very cozy too. It has the Spud & Chloe line that I love! She was telling me that there s a KAL coming soon for one of the tops I was looking at. If I could afford to get all that yarn for that project, I would've!!! :
This was Rasmussens in Solvang..very nice but you have to go upstairs to see their yarns. It is more geared towards the old fashion knitter, I think, not the trendy stuff, but I liked the NORO yarns...and there was Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, which I bought 2 skeins....I am making some fingerless gloves for Tori in the softest green. Very nice!

NOW...my last find is...Craft Essentials in Goleta...just north of Santa Barbara off Turnpike exit, is this cute simple craft store. Much like Michaels, and yet has some wonderful yarns! I am going to show you more of what they had inside! hmm...I really could've spent a lot of $$ here!!!  This store is a full on craft store

Favorites on Etsy - not made by me, but you gotta check it out!!!