Sunday, January 31, 2010

CHA - Lion Fashion Show!

Vanna came out to CHA again, and of course the fashion show was fun. They used alot of afghans to showcase their yarns. I really liked some of the newer yarns....
This one is using the fisherman's yarn. Karen and I are planning to make this shrug.

These were a couple of the crazy felted caps that they had....(the theme was "from Head to Toe")

Vanna's daughter in this yummy new yarn! I love the varigated colors!

Lovely neck warmer, ribbed knit. the scarf is a varied color.

Monday, January 25, 2010

CHA in Anaheim! Winter 2010

CLICK on each photo to see them better! :D

Fun times at CHA.....Lots of lovely projects! There was more but some of them wouldn't let me take photos. I was a little disappointed, but it will be fun to see what else will be coming out new..!!
I will be going back took these on Saturday and Sunday)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another Loved one passes......

It is so sad...I love my cat..and yesterday, when we got home, we found Stitch....he died home alone...all by himself.

I knew he wasn't feeling well, and it was so hard to know that there wasn't anything we could do for him...

He was our little baby kitten, a fuzz ball. We called him Bubba, and Stitchie. We got him from the SPCA, in May, 2003. He was so cute but he hissed at me and I was afraid to pick him up, but as soon as we did, he started purring. He was the cuddliest cat. We could carry him like a baby, and he would just lay in our arms...He was short haired when we got him, and we didn't know he was going to grow up to be so furry, but that was some of his charm.....

but I will miss his furry tail, and his love...


Monday, January 4, 2010

Teaching others how to knit!

Knitting is something that when I was in my 20's, was something I never thought I would ever learn to do proficiently. Now that I am in my, gulp, 50's....I am still trying to be proficient....
I have completed plenty of scarves..and plenty of hats..and done a few purses, and felted a few as well. I have dabbled at making tops, but nothing significant that I wear...I have made one and it was using a cheap yarn that was comfortable to wear, but for some reason, I got tired of it, and gave it away...sigh...

I am working on lace patterns which hold more appeal, and cables...
I have been requested to teach a friend of Tori's how to knit. She wants to do that loom knitting as well. I don't know when she thinks she wants to do this but I guess I should tell her the basics..

I found a poem in one of the Fons&Porter Magazines that summed it up how to tell children how to knit.
This poem is from the internet:
In through the front door
Around the back
Out through the window
And off jumps jack.

Cute, huh!
THis is a book that I found on that was so cute! I might just try to see if I can find this book in the store....
Peace Fleece is a cute site too, that has some simple kits to learn how to knit or at least try it!
Well, it is 4 am, and I am tired. I woke up and had to get to the computer...sigh...I am going back to bed before I am tempted to buy a Sham wow or the chopper thingy, or a cricut or some other infomercial....I still remember when TV would be offline from 11 pm to 7 you can watch 24/7 and the internet has made the world so much smaller......
Keep knitting!

Favorites on Etsy - not made by me, but you gotta check it out!!!