Monday, September 20, 2010

Blue Sky Alpaca - Cardigan

I love Berroco Comfort Yarn. It feels so nice. I probably would like the Blue Sky Alpaca, but this feels like a California garment, since we don't need woolies or even Alpaca. (cottons)

I thought I would update you on my cardigan..I really have done almost all of it, but last year, I got tired of working on it, because I think I needed a mental break from it. It really was a fun pattern to knit. I need to finish the neck and then the front plackets for the buttons.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Yarn to my stash

Now..I did go to another shop, called the KNOT GARDEN. I think at one time, it was called Knit One Purl One, but they changed their name....I got this Berroco pattern there, because they had the vest sample. It was knit in Vintage..which feels so yummy!
I purchased 3 skeins in a Denim blue. This is a yummy color, and although I wanted a more purple color, they didn't have it in that color. The also didn't have the green which is in the booklet....I didn't take photos of ths shop (I didn't think of it since I had the doggie in the car, and it was very hot - I did leave the windows open and there was lots of cool water in the car. She also had both windows open so she had a breeze going through....(don't crucify me!)

The Knot Garden is located at 17824 Chatsworth, Granada Hills, CA 91344 818-986-6642

YUMMY and it feels so soft. 217 yards, 200m VINTAGE is a acrylic, wool and nylon.

Now, this is the yarn I purchased at UNWIND (in Burbank) I loved the purpley color, and this is the same gauge as Vintage. I might make another vest (ha ha ha ha) if i love it in Vintage. I love Comfort. There is a lot of stability in this yarn......

Saturday, September 18, 2010

UNwind - Burbank

In Burbank, Ca....It is so nice to walk into a shop and not be is open and has lots of space to roam and drool.....
Located at 818 N. Hollywood Way, in Burbank, near the Burbank Airport
Unwind and enjoy!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Eileens Treasures - Pismo Beach

Eileens' Treasures, Gifts and yarn, but let me just tell you, that it is is a full service knitting shop. I think maybe at one time, it started off as a gift shop. (hence the name) but it is yarns, bags to organize your stash, and needles etc..and yarn yarn yarn!

They are very friendly there and are more than willing to wind your skeins! I purchased 1 skein of Misti Alpaca (lOVE THAT YARN!)

I got some the last time I visited this shop, but it was more greens, so this time, I got a purple!

Some of the beautiful yarns...they had Debbie Bliss pure silk and some of the prettiest, softest yarns! I also loved their selection of NORO and Cascade yarns!

This scarf and hat combo is simply gorgeous!

859 Oak Park Blvd
Pismo Beach, CA

I stopped here..on my way back home after dropping Tori off at school. I needed to feel this was therapy (NOT!) but I only bought 1 skein. I would've loved to buy more, but I can', this is my one purchase! (ha!)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

William Shakespeare

I saw this journal in Barnes and Noble when we were shopping, and I couldn't resist. I have my journal for the swap, and I wish I had seen this one first...It was irresistible!

I glanced over it at first, and then as Tori was looking through some other journals, I thought..."gee, that looks like she's knitting"...(Naw, it couldn't be!) But as I went over to touch the book, I couldn't believe what it said!

"Knit your hearts
with an unslipping knot"
William Shakespeare
so, i bought it!
Today is Patriot's Day. I am going to be remembering what happened in 2001, 9 years ago....
We will never forget......

Friday, September 10, 2010

Knitting Books on my Wish List!

I have a few books on my wish list...(there are more than these, but I love collecting books.) BARNES and Noble

I promise LORD that I will not be overrun with books, and have a hoarding problem with books. (I might have a hoarding problem with yarn, but that's another story)

I saw this book and it has some wonderful ideas for making a sweater all your own. I like some of the sleeve details and some of the collar details, and to be able to put all of those things together to make a sweater all your own...well this is the book!

This book had some awesome sock ideas and patterns!

This was not knitting but stitchery,and I LOVE MARY ENGELBREIT!

So everything Mary is always fun. I loved the owls too...

Owls are in everywhere!

And...lastly...but not last on my list, is this book of Amigurumi.

I saw some other books that had food amigurumi, but this one is really cute. Mochimochi is cute little snack like shapes that if they were made of mochi (sweet rice cakes) they would definitely be too cute to eat! So, made of yarn are cute little figures that would be idea to keep (and keep the buggies away)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wearing my craft!

PIRATE Knitter! HA!

I got this shirt at CHA craft supershow in January last year! I was so thrilled to get a knitting shirt!
I got another one, which says something about knitting with 'balls', but it is turquoise. I think this one actually is more subtle
(am I really saying this is subtle?) sheesh!
Next time, I want to get a shirt that has something like K1P2 K2tog or something like that. What do you wear when you're knitting?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Knit Las Vegas closing....

I am so bummed...the knit shop in Las Vegas, is closing!!

I am sad. I finally found a nicely stocked shop in Las Vegas, even with their heat, and they are closing.... another shop closes.....

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Round Robin Notebook Swap on Ravelry!

I am doing the NOTEbook Round Robin Swap! I covered my notebook with scrapbook paper, and modge podged it on.....
It looks a little hokey but hopefully, it will hold up through all the swapping!
My entry in my own book was silly, short messy but I hope I get better as it goes on...we shall see!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Feather and Fan Scarf

It is done..and it came out better than I thought it would. At first, the color bunches were all on one side, and then they started to go all on the other side, and after awhile, it all balanced out!
As long as Tori wears this scarf on THURSDAYS at Cal Poly, it will be fine.

Favorites on Etsy - not made by me, but you gotta check it out!!!