Sunday, July 29, 2007

Storage of Needles and Knitting

This is how I store my needles. I got this cute bucket from CHA last January, and it was so cute! I love how they have little pockets and you can put different things in each pocket.

The longer needles, I store in a plastic organizer by Ashland Sky. They are clear which makes it easy to see what is there and what is missing..also, it help so you can pull out the package from the container, which is from Michaels....the container is a wine container, which is decorated in the Mary Engelbreit style which I LOVE!

My double pointed needles are in this storage pocket.

this is a scarve blending 2 yarns together. They are from Moda Dea, and I can't remember the other yarn, but it has a very soft feel and fibery. I think it would be beautiful with my purple jacket with the fur trim. (I think it might be one of the dog furs, but, I don't like to think about that...ugh)

This is a shell I knitted. I still need to work on my finishing. The neck is not very smooth and nice, so I will have to take this apart eventually. This is knitted with the Cotton Yarn by Lion....Cotton-ease

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The whole Family..of Cats

I need to dedicate this blog to my cats...and especially, Ariel. She's the one with the spot on her face.
Tori took this photo of her..she sick, and I don't know how much longer she will be with us, and
it makes me sad that she's sick....
Hopefully, she won't suffer too much..but, we're trying to keep her as long as we can...

Stitch is the white one with the lines on his head, and the soft blue eyes..he has orange round his nose, and he's the sweetest, butthead we have...
Lilo is our shy girl, who we rarely get photos of, or anyone ever sees. She is also a tabby mix, with siamese, and she has those lovely lines on her head, with white around her eyes, like liners. Her beautiful blue eyes and gentle spirit is really peaceful.
This is our spunky girl...Naminori or...NiNi. She also poops outside the box if the box has anyone in there before her....bad girl...but, she keeps me on my toes, and keeping the boxes clean! She also loves ARIEL so much..she's like a shadow for Ariel. Ariel loves her they have really bonded...I think Nami nori, if she doesn't get sick too, will miss Ariel the most....One more added thing...NiNi has another NEW name! She knows Mom (Ariel) is sick so, she's been eating for the 2 of them..and has gained weight (15 lbs now)...her new name is Miss Piggy...I think she's going to have to go on a me.....the human, who is writing this!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Knitting Store

I went to Santa Monica a few weeks ago, and had so much fun at a "new" shop called WILDFIBER! is an amazing store. They had a class going on in the back, and oodles of yarn in the front. I didn't take a photo of the shop, but I loved all the yarns and the displays they had! You can see photos of the store on their website...

Tori sat on one of the comfy sofas that they have in a little U shape area, and you're surrounded by yarns, and books and magazines, and needles and lots of retro bags!

You have to search for parking, because in Santa Monica, space is a premium! So, we found a metered parking spot along one street, and it was only a block away..not too bad. (we actually got lucky with it too!)
This is their business, it has a cool way to tell which needles you have already so you can store this in your WALLET!! I do have way too many, but...I don't like to buy the same ones over and over again, which I tend to do..sometime later, (ooh, maybe today!) I will take a picture of all the needles I have...and if I get brave...some of my yarn! (that's scary! - I don't want to think of how much $ i have invested in it, but...oh I love the feeling and texture of yarn!)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Intro to Stitch, and the girls

I am Stitch. I am the big guy in this house. I am fluffy and the only boy in this house of girls....

Well, that's not including the dog, but, he doesn't count.
Cats RULE,....!

In this house of all girls, I am the guard cat. I make sure that everyone is having a good time, even if the humans don't think we're funny.

Sometimes, I arrange the yarn, but, mostly, I leave that up to the other girl, the baby. NamiNori, loves to rearrange the human's yarn stash. She even would drag the yarn all over the house so that the human was almost tied up while she was paying bills!...yes....she wasn't even watching as we were chasing each other all over the place, over the couch and the coffee table..heh heh....if only the human had even taken a picture of it..but, she didn't think of it...

maybe next time....

She's working on another knitting project now...maybe she's going to put pictures of her projects soon.....

This is Ariel and NamiNori. Nami is the black face siamese (chocolate seal point). Ariel is the Silver seal point. They love each other. Ariel is our "Mom-Cat". She takes care of all of us. We love her. She's the reason why the house has too many cats. Ariel is 11 years old, and Nami is probably about 3. Stitch is 4. m at a rescue, at different times..although Stitchie was the only kitten that we got. I was 8 weeks old when the humans got me, and I was so cute. If they had known I would be so big & fluffy, I don't know if they would've gotten me, but they love me too, and try to kiss and do mushy stuff with me...ugh!......I am the reason why the humans HAVE to vaccuum...!

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