Sunday, July 29, 2007

Storage of Needles and Knitting

This is how I store my needles. I got this cute bucket from CHA last January, and it was so cute! I love how they have little pockets and you can put different things in each pocket.

The longer needles, I store in a plastic organizer by Ashland Sky. They are clear which makes it easy to see what is there and what is missing..also, it help so you can pull out the package from the container, which is from Michaels....the container is a wine container, which is decorated in the Mary Engelbreit style which I LOVE!

My double pointed needles are in this storage pocket.

this is a scarve blending 2 yarns together. They are from Moda Dea, and I can't remember the other yarn, but it has a very soft feel and fibery. I think it would be beautiful with my purple jacket with the fur trim. (I think it might be one of the dog furs, but, I don't like to think about that...ugh)

This is a shell I knitted. I still need to work on my finishing. The neck is not very smooth and nice, so I will have to take this apart eventually. This is knitted with the Cotton Yarn by Lion....Cotton-ease

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