Saturday, July 28, 2007

The whole Family..of Cats

I need to dedicate this blog to my cats...and especially, Ariel. She's the one with the spot on her face.
Tori took this photo of her..she sick, and I don't know how much longer she will be with us, and
it makes me sad that she's sick....
Hopefully, she won't suffer too much..but, we're trying to keep her as long as we can...

Stitch is the white one with the lines on his head, and the soft blue eyes..he has orange round his nose, and he's the sweetest, butthead we have...
Lilo is our shy girl, who we rarely get photos of, or anyone ever sees. She is also a tabby mix, with siamese, and she has those lovely lines on her head, with white around her eyes, like liners. Her beautiful blue eyes and gentle spirit is really peaceful.
This is our spunky girl...Naminori or...NiNi. She also poops outside the box if the box has anyone in there before her....bad girl...but, she keeps me on my toes, and keeping the boxes clean! She also loves ARIEL so much..she's like a shadow for Ariel. Ariel loves her they have really bonded...I think Nami nori, if she doesn't get sick too, will miss Ariel the most....One more added thing...NiNi has another NEW name! She knows Mom (Ariel) is sick so, she's been eating for the 2 of them..and has gained weight (15 lbs now)...her new name is Miss Piggy...I think she's going to have to go on a me.....the human, who is writing this!

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