Monday, January 4, 2010

Teaching others how to knit!

Knitting is something that when I was in my 20's, was something I never thought I would ever learn to do proficiently. Now that I am in my, gulp, 50's....I am still trying to be proficient....
I have completed plenty of scarves..and plenty of hats..and done a few purses, and felted a few as well. I have dabbled at making tops, but nothing significant that I wear...I have made one and it was using a cheap yarn that was comfortable to wear, but for some reason, I got tired of it, and gave it away...sigh...

I am working on lace patterns which hold more appeal, and cables...
I have been requested to teach a friend of Tori's how to knit. She wants to do that loom knitting as well. I don't know when she thinks she wants to do this but I guess I should tell her the basics..

I found a poem in one of the Fons&Porter Magazines that summed it up how to tell children how to knit.
This poem is from the internet:
In through the front door
Around the back
Out through the window
And off jumps jack.

Cute, huh!
THis is a book that I found on that was so cute! I might just try to see if I can find this book in the store....
Peace Fleece is a cute site too, that has some simple kits to learn how to knit or at least try it!
Well, it is 4 am, and I am tired. I woke up and had to get to the computer...sigh...I am going back to bed before I am tempted to buy a Sham wow or the chopper thingy, or a cricut or some other infomercial....I still remember when TV would be offline from 11 pm to 7 you can watch 24/7 and the internet has made the world so much smaller......
Keep knitting!

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