Friday, December 3, 2010

Benton's Sweater

Top down knitting is so easy and quick!
I started this on Wednesday, and although yesterday (thursday) I was so tired after work I went to bed...I should have this finished by the weekend....
It is a stringy yarn but The Lion Brand BABY Yarn is really thick and quick! (not like the Thick n Quick Yarn...but really cute ice cream colors for baby!)
I like how thick and squishy this yarn is, after knitting it up, I know it will be a nice sweater!
Let's just hope that I can get it to fit Benton! I don't have a model to make it after and the gauge for this yarn is a little bigger than the one for the pattern...sigh..always a it should be bigger than the size on the pattern, right???
hm...where's an expert knitter when I need them???

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