Sunday, May 22, 2011

Seeing Cherries!

I decided to make a jacket/harness for my little precious doggie, Suki. I <3 cherries and so I thought I would 'try' my pattern that I just made to make a sweet harness for her! She's so funny because she loves to wear clothes but she hates trying them on, or have things go over her as I was trying to fit this pattern and the pieces on her, she would run away, and I had to chase her all over the house...

Finally catching up with her was fun, but exhausting!

Well, it's not knitted but quilted and almost done. I have to look for some wide velcro for the abdomen area I wanted to make a hawaiian one for her too. It isn't easy to find purple hawaiian fabric at Joanns = go figure that one!

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