Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Cardi

 Knitting a new top down cardi, and using (not Noro) but Bernat Mosaic. Very nice acrylic yarn, but not as soft as the Noro...and no light colors, but very pretty!
 So, I'm kntting along on my Clover Bamboos, and decided I needed longer needles....

 I changed to Addi TURBO - from Alamitos Bay Yarn Company (I went there today to get them...60" long - NICE!, right????)
 I put them down for a moment to do something and coming back, I hear my dog chewing on something but she had skittered away...hmm...ok, Pick up the project and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!  Oh NO..she didn't!!!!  SHE DID!
 She chewed my BRAND NEW ADDI TURBOS!  I am really upset!  I have to get another set of them and I'm not very happy with that....
Doggie jail. 
Anyone what a sweet dog?  She's not looking guilty here but she was very guilty when I put her in the crate!  MORAL: don't leave your needles on the other dog would never do this and I forgot....  :(

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