Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tori's Cable knitted purse

I bought this yarn from LisCat's shop in Long Beach, and love it! The pattern is from DROPS, and the sample in LisCat's shop is so pretty (she used an orangy yellow yarn- from Cascade). The purse caught my daughter's eye, and so she begged me for it in Turquoise, but they only had 1 skein of Turquoise, so we settled on green...

Really easy, and lovely to work with. The cables were very easy to do. 4 skeins - although not enough to do the handles. We used an old belt (from the Thrift store and 2 rings from Lowes)

I started the purse early in April and was finished by Tori's Birthday! I worked on it, during her surgery on April 16...gosh was that a day to FORGET!!! A man decided to kill 2 of his bosses, and then shoot himself in the head outside the waiting room window that day!!! What a terrible thing to have to deal with!

This is almost finished in the photo.

I do actually have a finished knitted photo, but it keeps posting sideways, so I didn't want Suki to be I left the photo out...

I did line it with a batik fabric in green/yellows. (really purty!)

Now, I am starting on another purse that will be felted in Turquoise, Brown Sheep bulky yarn

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