Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crazy in the .....

mind...what am I thinking?

This is a library book that I borrowed from our local library. I saw the book originally in one of the knitting magazines, and they touted this as being the "Bible" of knitting. I was curious, so I went to the library site, and did a check to see if it was in the inventory of our library system. (IT WAS!) only 1 copy and so I ran down as quick as I could to our downtown branch to borrow it.

What a great treasure! I had to have a copy. If you're a obsessive person like me, you will understand.

I have been looking for one to purchase, and I can't afford the price that they were selling for. MOST of them were listed for at least 200.00, and then again, some were going for over 400.00. Recently in the last few days, they've been going for around 200.00, so that's good. I had heard rumors that it was coming back into print, but .....that was about 2 years ago, that they were 'discussing' it.

I finally found one on ebay...and I am hoping it comes in soon (and it was less than 200.00!)

waiting im-patiently!

ps. the local librarian, hinted that I could "lose" the book but when she did a check she found out that the 'replacement' value was listed at 200.00, so it wasn't that beneficial! (this book originally sold for around 30.00!)

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